Monday, September 2, 2019

During all the years of my detailed field-studies in Sri Lanka these two persons have had an important influence on my perception of traditional music in the country. I am very grateful to have met them as a kind of advisors, having guided me through the jungle of contemporary performance practice in Sri Lanka.
This year I have really planned to collect all my field recordings on a big harddisk and give a copy to the National Archive and to Piyasara and his wife Kanthi. I am deeply moved about the fact, that Piyasara will not be available anymore. He and his family with Kanthi and Madhavi are on innumerable recordings, which we used to collect in the years from 1997 to 2016 and I hope this archive of Sri Lankan traditional dance and music will contribute to keep the memory of Piyasara's work alive.
Carlo Fonseka helped me, when I was really in trouble in Sri Lanka concerning a stay of one year as a visiting scholar at the former Institute of Aesthetic Studies, where he has been interim-director at that time. He was an open minded person of great wisdom, huge knowledge and deep understanding of humanity and could very well separate the important from the unimportant. I am very happy, that we could publish together a bi-lingual version of the Sama-Jataka in Sinhala/German. His song "raththaran duwe" has been mentioned and analysed in my publications about Sri Lankan music several times.
Both are in their specific way a huge loss for the Sri Lankan society in my eyes and I am sad to know, that their voice will not be heard anymore. In deepest sympathy - Dr. Martina
I have created a meditation place on my sim interstellART in Second Life; persons, who want to express their sympathy are invited to come there. .

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