Saturday, June 29, 2019

MUREL has a FacebookGroup now

What is this group about? Well, MUREL is an acronym for MUsicREsearcheLearning.
MusicResearch and eLearning has been founded longtime ago in 2007 to discuss strategies and didactic outlines how the results of music research can be processed and transmitted to interested people with the help of electronic media. The established disciplines in music research care for the research-part, but are relatively uninterested in the part of transmitting the results, except of publishing them in magazines or monographies or storing them with sophisticated methods in archives. There they sometimes "get moldly" and in extreme cases lost in the darkness of oblivion.
The development of the electronic media in the 20th and 21st century has been like a silent revolution and has shed new light on didactic theories and practice. The question was and still is how to use these new options for educational purposes. The emphasis is on the "HOW" not on the question, whether it is in general useful to use them. For the participants of this group there is no doubt, that the electronic devices are an interesting and attractive chance to create learning arrangements with electronic media for the purpose to transmit and mediate results of music research.
But we want to discuss, how this can happen and exchange examples, where it has already happened sucessfully.
Basis for this discussion is my permanent project EthnoMusicScape, where regional and non regional music-cultural systems and their forms of expression are presented in clearly laid out web presentations together with a didactic line how to use them in educational settings.
In my active years at the university I have worked with students, who were equipped with their own notebook, to create some examples. They had to reflect and document their own research, learning and creation process in a so called portfolio.
I published at that time a small volume about: .
Everybody, who is seriously interested in this field and its questions is invited to participate and to contribute.
There might be many more new ideas and possibilities to deal with ethnomusicological research results plus electronic media. I am looking forward to get inspiration!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Rearranged webpage about the Sri Lankan traditional drum gaetabere - If the video-files are not compatible with a browser, there is a download option to view them offline. The content is processed as interactive edutainment for the usage in an educational environment as learning at stations.
See also the sub-page here...

Monday, June 10, 2019

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Music and Culture

These two contributions of PD Dr. Martina Claus-Bachmann have been published finally and recently in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Music and Culture:

SAGE Reference - The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture:

presents key concepts in the study of music in its cultural context and provides an introduction to the discipline

SAGE Reference - Sri Lanka: Modern and Contemporary Performance Practice

SAGE Reference - Buddhism

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

New Arrangement Of EthnoMusicScape

The MUREL-project ethnomusicscape is overhauled completely: . The old versions of some webpages did not work anymore because of new hard- and software technologies. In former decades an option has been for web-designers to use PowerPoint-presentations and change them to webpages, but these versions are not valid anymore, so that all the content has to be reorganized, which is a hard and exhausting work, cause ethnomusicscape uses files for all senses, text-, audi-, video-files and pictures of all formats.
But I want to let you know, that nothing is forgotten and most of the pages will reappear in the next time. THere will be an actualized list of finished and adapted projects at: .

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Die E-Gitarre als eLearning-Modul

This student-page about the e-guitar is online again and a nice example for an ideal info- or edutainment-module (German language).

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Die Tarogato

Die Webpage von Peter Incze zum traditionellen ungarischen Musikinstrument Tarogato ist wieder online => und zwar in einem kompakten Format, als HotPotato-Modul mit Info, Visualisierung und Kreuzworträtsel, also als Infotainment:
The webpage of Peter Incze concerning the traditional Hungarian instrument tarogato is online again as an infotainment-page:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CyberArt and CyberCulture

In the last months I prepared 11 web-pages as a kind of lecture concerning the topics cyber-art and cyber-cultures. I have been asked for a demonstration at a university in Sri Lanka. According to my 10 years of experience as an artist, curator and gallery owner in the virtual environment of Second Life and OS I concluded here my experiences and considerations on the topic and enhanced the presentation with examples and self-made movies to demonstrate practically, what tools the virtual worlds offer for the purpose to create art. An analysis concerning the role of music in cyber-culture will follow: .