Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gambang Kromong - Betawi-Culture

Today I found time to renew the Gambang Kromong-page, based on field-research long time back. 
The page is the digitalzation of an article, which I had published with some varieties in two magazines:

1. Claus-Bachmann, Martina: "Gambang Kromong - chinesische Spuren in der Betawi-Kultur". In: Bröcker, Marianne (Hg.): Berichte aus dem ICTM-Nationalkomitee Deutschland V:99-113, Bamberg 1996.

2. Claus-Bachmann, Martina: KITA, Magazin der deutsch-indonesischen Gesellschaft, März 1996: 41-47.

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